Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kim Kardashian Sextape Pics

Are you here after searching for the beautiful and enchanting Kim Kardashian? If you are then
you will be pleased to see that we love Kim Kardashian sextape as much as you do. She’s a beautiful
young vixen with dark hair and bright brown eyes and a body that just won’t stop. Her curves are
well known and she’s definitely got one of those nice butts that everyone wishes they had. She is
of Armenian descent and that is where she gets that cool brown skin. Who knew that Armenian
chicks had big butts? That might be her Scottish-Dutch ancestry. Her pics will be
zooming to your inbox and right in front of your eyes when you bookmark our blog. We have
dedicated our lives to showcasing the beautiful Kim Kardashian and featuring the hottest most
ball draining pics on the planet. There is nothing better than a hot young babe
showing off that ass and thighs!

Kim Kardashian has become a celebrity in her own right. She may be famous partly because
of her family name, but it’s also because she is a top of the line star now. She’s got her own
clothing line coming out, she works for charity, and she is the star of her own reality show along
with her sisters called “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. You will see quickly that she is a
smart diva with her own clothing shop that she runs along with her sister. They also enjoy living
the fast life and having a good time. Kourtney and Khloe are sexy but Kim really wins it all
when it comes to the looks department. Just see for yourself when you bookmark our site and
find pics updated here often.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kim Kardashian Pics

Here's a few super hot pictures of Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian vs Nicki Minaj Booty

Stop the presses!  Kim Kardashian has some serious competition right now.  It is rumored that Nicki Minaj’s booty is bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass. Can you believe it?  Is it possible?  Let’s have an ass-off!!!  Here is the tail end of it:  Kim Kardashian’s measurements are: 34, 26, 39.  Nicki Minaj turns up at: 34-26-45! Due to measurements, Minaj has six inches on Kim in the booty department.  Kim better stop endorsing diet pills so she can get back in the competition…butt there is always surgery.  
Fans of Minaj, assume that Minaj’s booty might be fake due to the appropriate larger than life appearance.  Minaj has not confirmed or denied her measurements.  As fans, we can’t help butt wonder.  Minaj’s boss, Lil Wayne, is unsure of the allegations. Hollywood TV recently spotted Wayne outside of a restaurant in L.A. asking him if he found the rumors to be true.  After incessant pestering by reporters he muttered, “I don’t know…it’s real nice I know that.”  

Kim has supposedly been under the knife, to keep bootylicious for her fame.  Kardashian has had many fluctuations in weight over the past few years due to all the diet pills she has endorsed. The ass competition is pretty obvious at this point.  Comparative photographs can’t hide that Kardashian’s ass has nothing on Minaj even with the measurements.  Okay, we can finally put this “behind” us!

Kim Kardashian Ass

Kim Kardashian’s ass is in the news again! Surprising, I
know. According to our favorite commentator, Joan Rivers, on E!
Entertainment’s Fashion Police, Rivers convicted Kim and put her into
fashion incarceration for the dress that she wore at the Grammy’s this
year! On the program, she was featured as one of the worst dressed
celebrities on the show.

Kim was rumored to have the dress for the Grammys tailored to
fit to her ass. Her booty wouldn’t originally fit in the couture Kaufman
Franco gown. It is to no astonishment that Kim is a total Diva and a
self-proclaimed narcissist. Watch Keeping up with the Kardashians for
five minutes and you will understand how she, as a D list celebrity, only
famous for being famous, could get an entire crew rushing to her side to
fix the gown. It was understood that hours before the show, Kim had to
have the dress tailored and refused to wear any other gown.
Kim went to all that trouble for nothing; she was featured as one
of the worst dressed celebrities at the Grammys. Look at where all the
whining and complaining can get you!